The people listed here are the friends that I have known in real life for a prolonged period of time. These people are truly the one's that have made my life what it is...a contented existence upon this world. Although I tend to wish I could transport to another place where Fantasy runs rampant, these friends help me to maintain my sanity in this otherwise mundane world. People with website's have an underline underneath their name.

DISCLAIMER: These are not in any particular order. God has blessed me with a LOT of friends, if you're not listed on this page, it is not because you are not my friend, it is because I have a horrible memory and you have fallen through one of its many crevices! Well, I guess that doesn't apply to everyone, but you KNOW who you are, even if I don't remember you at the moment! know, this sounds really terrible...ah well! Enjoy! ^_^;

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R.J. Qualls – What can be said about the friend I have had longest in my entire life? I have known R.J. since I was a little child. The circumstances under which I met him were rather odd, although he claims not to remember it, I recall it clearly. We were downstairs in our school by ourselves and were across the table from each other. We then began to circle the table, glaring at each other the whole time. After a few more turns he caught up with me and bit me in the butt. Yes, I said my butt. I of course ran off crying and he received a massive spanking from his father. After that we made up and have been best friends ever since, we've never even had a fight after that. Ever. R.J. is the greatest friend I have ever and will ever have. If all people were as generous and kind as this man was, then we would be living in a perfect world.

Alysia Qualls – This is R.J.'s wife! She is SO cool and I am so glad that they found each other! I've known her for a good while here and it's about time she got listed on this page! He he he! She watches Dragonball and actually LIKES it! I try to get her to watch other Anime, but so far she's not having any! ^_^; Oh well, can't win them all! Her and R.J. are uber happy together, so it's totally cool and she's a super good friend of mine! She's always smiling too, and she has cool hair! AND now they have three daughters together!

Jared Robertson – Jared, or Scirocco as I refer to him, is an asset to my life. Without him you wouldn't be reading this now since he has taught me nearly everything I know about web design and html coding, or well, at least he taught me all of the major stuff, I've picked up one or two tricks since then! We hang out now and again (usually doing RPG tabletops) and he's one of the few friends of mine that has volunteered to help me out if I was ever stranded somewhere, and then been forced to live up to the offer and pick me up from the Seattle airport after my car decided to end its life in california while visiting my friend Axer.

Damon Robertson – Damon The Overlord as I have named him is Scirocco's brother. Damon to me is the personification of cool. Not only that, but his personality is strong and hardcore. He's not afraid to tell people what he thinks when he thinks it, and for that I'm glad I know him. And hey, if you're doing something stupid, he's kind enough to give you the beatdown for it and explain to you why you're feeling this horrible pain after. Seriously though, inside Damon's soul rests a powerful spirit. This is one of the main reasons I gave him the title of Damon The Overlord. That and he basically kicks butt. I met Damon through his brother of course, but more really through the Star Wars TableTop RPG he ran at his house. It's here that I found out how awesome Damon was, and afterwords I gave him the name of Overlord. He really loves guns and the like, so much that he went off and joined the marine's. He has since retired and gotten married in California with his beautiful wife Julia. We game once in awhile online, and whenever he comes to visit we always try to squeeze in a game of Twilight Imperium, a boardgame that takes longer to remember the rules than play the game! Still fun though...I think...

Kat – Umm...oops? He he, I don't know Kat's real name! But that's okay, who needs 'em when you have a nickname?! Kat is yet ANOTHER of my friends that I met through Scirocco through one of the game's. This one was called Changeling. Kat is a really, really cool person and very fun to talk too! I've known Kat for awhile now and everytime I see here I get to be even more of a friend to her! She really is a terribly nice person!

Amy – Amy is Kat's sister! I first met her when she came over for a Changeling session when her and Kat were visiting up from Oregon. She was kind of quiet but still nice and friendly and all that! I got to know her better on another visit and then really got to know her at Conifur! Kat, her, and I all hung out a whole bunch and I had a super good time! Amy's a really nice person and fun to talk too, just like her sister! He he. I can't wait to see both of them again! Hopefully, I can drive down to Oregon with my friends soon and pay them both a visit! That'll be kewl!

J. Axer – Axerrrrrrrrr! Axer ROCKS BAD! Go to his site RIGHT NOW if you haven't already. One of the greatest artists I have ever met, Axer rocks bad. No, seriously! He's an all around cool person with a great view on life and how people should be treated. And he can draw like a hedgehog on speed! I first met Axer in person when I drove down to his house. Axer lives fourteen hours away at the time. It was worth the drive, because I got to meet the cool hedgehog in person, and his great girlfriend, now his wife, Ora. We had a radical time and I can't wait till we can party together once more. Unlike some artists who generally ignore you when you e-mail them or something, Axer actually responds to intelligent e-mail he receives, which rules. He even takes commissions from people! My original meeting with Axer was online, due to someone impersonating him. You know you've made it big when people pretend to be you so they're popular! Axer's currently working for a video game company on their art design. Meanwhile, he balances producing comics! He's a busy hedgehog, but he still ROCKS BAD! I got to be one of the groomsmen at his and Ora's wedding, WOAH! That was crazy! Very cool though, and I was honored! ^_^ WOO!

Ora – Ora's real name is Bon! I met Ora when I drove fourteen hours to see Axer. I was kind of worried at first because she didn't talk to me much, but on the third night we connected or some jazz like that and now I consider her a good friend as well! But watch out for those 007 headshots! Criqke! Also, she has amazing hankerchief ninja skills that manifested on her wedding day. It was amazing, but you had to of been there to understand it!

Nenwavriana Wraithshadow – Wenchie! As I refer to her, has been my friend for a number of years now. I first met her online where she played an undead elf who everyone started referring to as Wenchie! After that I managed to get her to come to a con where we and her little son Raven hung out as much as we could! Though a few times we lost each other and all, we had a pretty good time. Good enough a time in fact that next time she brought her husband and her other friend! Yay! Wenchie is a very cool person and a fantastic artist! Her elves just ruuuuuuule. *_* I'm glad we got to meet and that we're now pretty good friends! She and Damien also won first prize in a costume contest the FIRST time they dressed up at a con! How cool is that?! I look forward to seeing Wenchie every time I go to a con and am always left wanting to spend more time with her and her friends.

Damien – Damien is Wenchie's husband who I met at the second con I met Wenchie at. He was kind of quiet at first with this mysterious air about him, but eventually we started talking to each other and began to become friends. Every con I go to that I hang out with him and Wenchie we seem to become even better aquainted, it's great! He's also got this amazing camera and is an excellent photogropher, at least I think so! Bwa ha ha ha ha! ^_^

Rob – Yet ANOTHER friend I met through Wenchie, Rob began to come along with Wenchie and Damien when they came to the cons and all. He's a nice guy and is always moving about the con seeing the sights and people there so we don't talk a whole lot, but he's still cool. He now refers to me as the Blue Haired Washingtonian due to my having blue hair at the last con. I informed him that everyone in Washington has natural blue hair and we dye it normal colors so as to fit in with the crowds.

Addie – Wai! Kawaii neko! ^_^ Addie is yet again another friend I met through Wenchie! She's a very happy person and I've now been friends with her for a uber long time! Someday, I'll hopefully get to see her at a con again! I hope, I hope, I hope! ^_^

Dave Phillips – Fox Fox Fox, the broken one! If only he hadn't put jam inside of my Dragonball Z, he didn't jam it in his VCR, there was actual jam on the tape...I just...don't understand...anyway! Fox is a big music guy this days who sometimes sends me his music and such as he makes it, it's pretty good too!

Judy Oxford – Jwyl is yet again another person I met through Scirocco. We don't game together as much as we used too, but we did go through the Changeling game together, and that was an amazing campaign.

Sky Rigdon – FLAMING APOCALYPSE CARRRRRR!!! That's what you'll hear me scream whenever I encounter Sky Rigdon! The Furry drawing fool! I first met Sky Rigdon at a Furry con called Conifur, I'd already heard rumors about his amazing powers of friendlyness from my friends, Scirocco, and J'wyl. However, meeting him in person was a different experience, as he seemed to be the type of artist I find rather refreshing. A.K.A. not snobby and such. Anyway, while conversing with him about people asking for art on their badges we began to speak of how annoying it is when people ask for all of these insane details on a small little card. Well, I told Sky that I wanted this amazing flaming car! Right in the center! And I want about twenty to thirty unique characters, all holding different types of weapons, shooting into the air! I want a massive city in the background, full of ruins, manholes, and some helicopters and jets streaking through the air! And I want everything to be exploding! I want a FLAMING APOCALYPSE CARRRR!!! I never paid him the money, and he still hasn't drawn it for me. Go figure. Sky is a great guy though, very nice, and...his Anime collection way surpasses mine, and for this I give him great respect. Let not thy Anime falter Sky Rigdon! Draw on!

Brent Aughe – What to say about Brent. A complete and total Trekkie (or he used to be), I've known Brent for quite a few years. Not as many as R.J. but it's still up there. He's been in the Navy a long time now, and is even trained to fire missles. I've since stopped going out on the open waters.

Lisa Russell – Lisa is Schad's wife and R.J.'s sister. We knew each other all through school and we both graduated at the same time. There was nothing like wandering off to the other half of the empty school and just relaxing back and doing nothing. Without Lisa my senior year at High School would of been a very boring experience.

Chad Quilter – One of my old friends who I don't see anymore, Chad moved off from Washington to Texas where as far as I know is doing very well. Chad is one of the person's who set my life in a completly different direction. My experiences with him changed many of my mannorism's and how I spent my free time. Why? Simple. Chad introduced me to Anime, and for that I owe him a great debt. Alas, I don't get to talk to Chad much anymore, I've lost his phone number and his address as well. I do miss him greatly and I hope he knows that. SUCCESS! I managed to track Chad down through facebook, and now we send each other messages now and again on windows messenger! HA!

Charles Rodriguez – Ahh, Gotenks. A person I met through a friend on the internet who lived near me. At first I wasn't to sure about meeting Chuck since I had only driven off and met one other person on the internet. (Hey, I was younger and thought it could be dangerous) After bringing Chuck and Ryo over for the night, (Ryo is who I met Chuck through) we had a long disuccion upon our upper deck with a few cans of Josta. That pretty much sealed our friendship from then on. Chuck's an all around hard worker for cash and likes to do anything he can to get more money. I owe Chuck a bit of debt since he did force me to watch Dragonball Z...I now own more of it than he does. Unfortunaetly, he's moved off to Las Vegas, so I have not seen him for quite some time now. However, he has married and is quite happy from what I can tell!

Zack Strong – Zack is one of the Monday night crew (I hang out at RJ & Alysia's house every monday night to workout and then play games). His nickname is B0rnl33t12, and we often greet each other by our nicknames, because nicknames are awesome. He's also one of the players in my ongoing Star Wars campaigns (we're currently at Episode XIV: Fulminar) and is planning on running his own game as a GM! WOO! Zack has a vast array of computer knowledge and web building powers, he's actually better than me at making websites...NOT THAT I'M JEALOUS OR ANYTHING! DUDE!

Kevin Stewart – Goten. Kevin is that guy everyone chooses to pick on now and again and make jokes upon. Why? No one knows! The good news is that Kevin is a cool dude who can take it and often give it back. He plays in frisbee tournaments and seems to prefer them over Star Wars tabletop role playing, not really sure what's up with THAT. He also is very generous with his car rides and driving people around when they need him too, and I figure if I ever want to save money, I'll sell my car and truck, cancel my insurance, and have him drive me back and forth from work everyday. He he he he. ^_^ Rock on Kevin.

Kyle Stewart – Broly. I met Kyle at the monday night thing at RJ's also, Kyle is deadly if he ever gets his hand on a Twistah owb, don't go anywhere near him, you'll die. Kyle is Kevin's younger brother, who stole Kevin's kidney when he was born and devoured it for power. As such, he has grown stronger and taller than his older brother, and I suspect he will be devouring Kevin's other kidney in the near future. Apart from all of the infamily cannibalism, Kyle is a nice guy and intelligent. He comes up with interesting ideas and amusing cracks while we watch Stargate. Such as...RIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK!!!

Lexus – Kevin's girlfriend who started coming to Monday nights! Rumor has it that the only reason Kevin now attends, is because Lexus comes. Is it true? Rumor or myth? The truth is we may never know. Lexus works at the grocery store attatched to the same building where I work, so I'll randomly see her and confirm the hangout of Monday night.

Jeremy Qualls – Twitch. RJ's younger brother Jeremy who I have known since he was an infant making a mess in his diapers. He's grown since then, and after having tormented him as a child, we've become friends! Don't ask me exactly how that works, it's kind of the older brother younger brother thing. No, we're not actually related, but I've been such close friends with him, RJ, and his family, it's pretty much the same thing. And I do consider him and RJ to be my brothers. Alas, Jeremy has begun to stray from the hard core world of constant gaming, and tends to prefer the outside life where birds chirp and the sun shines. Still, I see the hunger in his eye when it comes to certain games, and they can at times tempt him to stay the Star Wars game. Mwa ha ha ha!

Cassandra – Cassandraaaa of the cool hair. This is Zack's girlfriend who is pretty dang cool and as mentioned before, her hair is pretty rad. Right now it has that blodne black thing going for it, pretty neat. She's getting better at Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3, despite her boyfriends lack of training her. I met her, of course, at monday nights when Zack finally started bringing her along with him. Right now, we're trying to move from the liking video games stage, to the liking tabletop rpg stage. A hard transition to make, but I think it'll happen!

Amber – Amber is a quiet girl (at least around me) who will pop in on Monday nights now and then, and hang with us. I've never seen her hair look like an atrocity, and it's even been pitch black before in the past, best color ever of course. Last time I saw it I think it had blonde stripes, then again I'm color they might be blue for all I know!

Brandon Fraser – I met Brandon when they were invited to play some tabletop RPG's with us. He has an interesting personality, the kind of person who you know is joking when he says things, but at times you have to stop and think about it, to make sure he isn't being serious. Most of us just call him a jerk (jokingly). currently am a player in his Amber campaign: Rise Of The Abyss, which is insanely fun. He's an amazing GM and I look forward to playing in his future games. And while he does pretend to be a jerk, he really isn't, and would probably do a lot for a friend in need, though that's all just guesswork might not stand up to actual testing. ^_^

Jessie Fraser – Brandon's wife, I met Jessie the same way I met him! She's a pretty good gamer and is good at mahjongh...I know I'm spelling that word wrong...anyway, she, Brandon, and Tim now all live in the same house together, so it's pretty much where people go for the tabletops now. She's pretty chill and seems to tolerate my insanity rather well.

Hack – I met Hack through Brandon and Jessie (interesting how that seems to work, meeting friends through other friends) at a tabletop RPG (yet again another common staple in how I meet my friends!) of Amber. Hack is a walking wikipedia, I can't count the number of times he has begun explaining the small details of something, pointing out interesting little facts about it. He's the kind of person you think would be good at jeopardy, or else watches A LOT of the discovery channel.

Mikayla – I think her real name is Andrea, but I could be wrong. Nicknames are better anyway! I met Mikayla at the same time I met Hack, at a tabletop game of Amber. She's a very friendly and nice person along with being a good artist from what I've seen! I haven't known her very long yet (met her about the same time as Hack, really), but we seem to get along quite well. ^_^

Ben Fraser – Ben is Brandon's younger brother who is gaming with us for the summer months while we play Amber. He plays counter strike...a lot. If there's ever a spare moment, he will be at the computer shooting people. I'd actually like to see a fight on the game between him and Zack and see who would win, since Zack plays a lot of the game as well...

Bear – Sarah is one of my newer friends who I actually met through work after hiring her! It could be possible that Sarah only pretends to be a nice person when she's around me because of this, but I'd like to think she actually is a good person. She has played WoW now and then (Huntard) and we Brandon, and I) have managed to convince her to start playing Tabletop rpg's with us! Killer awesome!

Ben & Brenna – I met Ben and Brenna at chruch and they are the only one's who get a single double entry, because their names are fun to say together! It's Ben n Brenna! Who's that? Oh, that's Ben n Brenna! Ha ha ha, so much fun. ^_^ They are both very cool people and have come to a couple of my karaoke costume party's! I've gone over to one of their bad movie nights once, it was quite very much fun! Sadly, I'm usually busy playing in my tabletop rpg's on the days when they have them, so I've only been able to make it to the one! Cry! ^_^ I look forward to hanging out more with them in the future!

Esther Skelton – Esther is a former co-worker of mine. She has curly blonde hair and these MEGA big pretty blue eyes! She's a pretty friendly person but she doesn't handle my insanity very well at all! Also, she throws water bottles are your head, very hard, overhand, and from across the room. So, in general, it's best not too ask her for things if she's not next to you, at least if you want to avoid a minor concussion. She made it all the way through college and is now making a bunch of money doing some job at some dealership...don't you love how I have no actual knowledge about that? Ha ha ha. ^_^

Laura Williams – Laura's last name is no longer Williams because she recently got married, but I can't remember what it was changed too! Eh! Laura was another person I met through work, and was always interesting to talk with. Many was the day where we would turn Les Miserables up really loud and sing parts of it and other musicals too each in the office! Was mega hilarious and fun. I think a customer only walked in on us a few times.

Jennifer – Yet another ex-co-worker (I seem to have a lot of these... ^_^;) Jennifer was working on becoming a professional therapy type person, or something like that, theruputic? I dunno! Either way, she changed her mind and decided to become a massuse! Spelling that word wrong, ah well! I hear she's doing pretty good down there, (she doesn't live in town anymore!) and I'm hoping that some day she'll come visit (maybe at one of my party's!) and show off her amazing pro skills!

Michaelene Brown – Miki, or Mikey, or Miky, or Mikiiiiyiiyiyiyiiy, either way it pretty much works, is another one of my ex-co-workers. She was fun to work worth and seemed to humor me when we talked about things she didn't have a clue least, I think she was humoring us... Last I heard she was off traveling the WORLD with her boyfriend! She's always wanted to travel around, so it sounds like things are rocking for her!

Nick Thompson – MAGNUS HYPEEEERRIIOOONNNNNN! Nick is another of the monday night crew. He's the kind of person you look at and think, ahhh, so this is where the viking blood has been seeped into. He currently plays in my Star Wars game (Hence the name Magnus Hyperion) and is a slave to the Haggen Cult. Nick is a nice guy who would hang out with us more if he wasn't enslaved to the aforementioned cultists. It's really too bad how cruel they are to their slaves, but what can ya do?! Nick bears with it well though, and he's recently started playing MMO's a lot...dun dun dunnnnn!

Stowe – My brother. Stowe is nice person. He is the kind of person who when he has money to spare, he will show up at your work and give everyone an ice cream desert from dairy queen or whatever. I have had many adventures with him and I try to hang out as his place when I'm not feeling overly anti-social (I'm sure he'd rather this percentage was much higher). He's married to Sheryl and has FOUR children, taking after my parents. He can be a very smart person when he tries too be (I thinks sometimes he tries NOT to be). He also knows how to unbrick 360's, which is an impressive feat in and of itself.

James A. – I met James through my brother Stowe. Although, in general, we only hang out when Stowe's around, there have been a few times where we've hung at my house and watched some Battlestar Galactica or whathaveyou. James is an awesome musician who has actually released three cd's onto the market! I think he's working on his 4th cd while managing his ear plug making business and dating his girlfriend in Italy. He has a good work ethic and isn't afraid to tell Stowe he has to leave, (my brother routinely attempts to forbid anyone from leaving his house once the video gaming has started, even if it is 4am).

Jack Mumford – Jack Mumford. I've known Jack for a long time as well, though I would not say we were friends growing up (simply because we never hung out very much, rather than any negativity towards us, or so the voices in my head tell me). However! We are friends now, most definately, and he is a successful Youth Pastor along with dealing with rental properties and what have you! Very amazing, very impressive. ^_^ Jack has one of those sense of humors that you don't always laugh at, because you feel like torture is not as amusing as Jack thinks it is. Okay, well, he doesn't actually torture people, but I still feel sorry for the poor child who ate a muffin with cotton for the insides...of course, I laugh when I think about it now, so maybe it is funny a wrong sort of way.

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